You might be looking at this page because you are considering counseling. Perhaps your life has become more difficult or painful than it should be and you want to do something about it. This is a good thing. Even with this motivation, you probably already know that removal of roadblocks and achievement of durable change is not easy. Counseling can help by providing a safe environment in which you can identify what isn’t working for you and replace it with behavior that will work. This is the process of self empowerment which results from learning more effective psychological skills. With gudiance and support from your counselor you can discover your potential to get to a better place with yourself and with others.

You might be interested to know that I made a defining personal decision several years ago to pursue the profession of psychological counseling. This was a good decision in that the requirements of being a counselor fit my aptitudes and interests better than other things I could have done. The transition was not easy and I worked with my own counselors along the way. The results have been pretty good. I understand myself better today and function with greater unencumbered self determination. I enjoy my work and have had enough education and experience to feel confident in my approach. I see counseling as a focused and special relationship between two people which is in behalf of the emotional healing and personal growth one of them seeks.

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June 2022